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Universal Interactive's <i>The Hobbit</i> - 2003

Sierra Goes There And Back Again

Nintendo GameCube's The Hobbit is Universal Interactive's newest addition (through Sierra) to a lineup of titles that already includes The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Releasing in 2003, the game is being developed by Inevitable Entertainment, an Austin, Texas-based outfit. The Hobbit is a third-person action/adventure title that tells of Bilbo Baggins' battle with Smaug and the finding of the Ring, thus setting the stage for the events of the trilogy.

Universal Interactive's unique deal with Tolkien Enterprises covers the writer's books; unlike EA, which only has the rights to the properties contained in New Line Cinema's series of LOTR films. Thus, Universal is able to exclusively bring you events in The Hobbit - until a movie of Bilbo's adventures is made.

For more information on UI's The Hobbit, click here.

News credit: Game Informer
April 20, 2002



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